A lesson in determination
Parents, families and teachers fought a long, tough campaign to secure the building of a new school for children with learning and other difficulties in Enniscorthy. Finally, their efforts paid off and work began on the new school in late 2018. Having waited so long, everyone was eager to see it completed, and an ambitious deadline was set.

Best in class
With its cutting-edge design, the building itself was also ambitious – 5,940 square metres, consisting of 20 classrooms with en-suite toilets, two dining areas, a general purposes hall, specialist teaching rooms, clinician facilities and dedicated sensory spaces. Special emphasis was placed on student safety and how the building would ‘feel’ in terms of lighting and noise.

The fit out also involved the installation of a Black Bulb Sensor. This super-smart thermostat constantly monitors the temperature in every room, and through the Building Management System, adjusts it to maximise the comfort of every pupil at every moment.

Learning together
The main contractor, Mythen Construction, appointed McKeon Bros. to handle the mechanical installation and we worked closely with all parties to ensure the equipment and fittings were as safe and as quite-running as possible.

Satisfying results
Of course, we care about ever project we’re involved in. Whether it’s a new build or a revamp, a complete fit-out or a specialist mechanical or electrical element, we put everything into it. That’s what we’re known for.

However, there are moments when it’s easier to appreciate the positive impact high standards and work ethic make; when you know that what you do and how well you do it are contributing to something extraordinary. Helping to provide high quality, safe facilities for the students of St Patrick’s was one such moment.