The recent appointment of McKeon Bros to take charge of the large scale, mechanical services retrofit project at Belfield Blocks 7 & 8 reflects the confidence that main contractors and design teams have in our ability to deliver work of the highest standard; work that delivers their promises.

However, we believe our experience at two similar office blocks at the Belfield campus was another significant factor in McKeon Bros being selected for this high-profile project.

Challenging on so many levels

McKeon’s were awarded the contract for the fast-track retrofit of Belfield Blocks 7 & 8, to make them suitable as a corporate HQ for a prestigious client. This work involved decommissioning and stripping out the existing services across 6,000 square metres of office space on eight floors and upgrading them to a high spec CAT B standard… and all within 16 weeks.

Planned to succeed

Success in any project requires meticulous planning, experienced and focused management, high levels of teamwork and full co-operation between all parties. Put a very tight deadline into the mix, and lines of communication become vital. With a multidisciplinary workforce onsite, everyone needed to know exactly what was required of them – and when.

The seemingly impossible, made possible

What our client needs, our client always gets. Over the decades, we’ve earned a reputation for our ‘can-do’ approach; meeting critical deadlines, delivering as required by clients, and as promised by McKeon Bros.  We’re pleased to report, that in true McKeon Bros tradition, the project was completed within the timeframe and handed over to our client.


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