The fit-out of two floors of the Investec building on Dublin’s Harcourt Street in April 2020 presented two unique challenges – one 20 years old, one never seen before.

Firstly, our new mechanical system had to be incorporated seamlessly with the existing system, which also had to be kept live throughout the work. No small task.

The other was Covid-19, which created extremely difficult working conditions and limited the numbers allowed on-site at any one time.  However, despite these obstacles, and with incredible organisation, we managed to keep our teams safe, while completing the project on schedule and within budget.

Our thanks to both Hickey Electrical Services and Connect Construct for partnering with us on another great project!

Everything about the 5-star Powerscourt Hotel suggests superior quality and flawless operations and when contracted to provide M&E services which allow for zero downtime, the standards expected are exactly the same.


A lesson in determination
Parents, families and teachers fought a long, tough campaign to secure the building of a new school for children with learning and other difficulties in Enniscorthy. Finally, their efforts paid off and work began on the new school in late 2018. Having waited so long, everyone was eager to see it completed, and an ambitious deadline was set.

Best in class
With its cutting-edge design, the building itself was also ambitious – 5,940 square metres, consisting of 20 classrooms with en-suite toilets, two dining areas, a general purposes hall, specialist teaching rooms, clinician facilities and dedicated sensory spaces. Special emphasis was placed on student safety and how the building would ‘feel’ in terms of lighting and noise.

The fit out also involved the installation of a Black Bulb Sensor. This super-smart thermostat constantly monitors the temperature in every room, and through the Building Management System, adjusts it to maximise the comfort of every pupil at every moment.

Learning together
The main contractor, Mythen Construction, appointed McKeon Bros. to handle the mechanical installation and we worked closely with all parties to ensure the equipment and fittings were as safe and as quite-running as possible.

Satisfying results
Of course, we care about ever project we’re involved in. Whether it’s a new build or a revamp, a complete fit-out or a specialist mechanical or electrical element, we put everything into it. That’s what we’re known for.

However, there are moments when it’s easier to appreciate the positive impact high standards and work ethic make; when you know that what you do and how well you do it are contributing to something extraordinary. Helping to provide high quality, safe facilities for the students of St Patrick’s was one such moment.


A vital new PCC building required in a fast growing town, that would bring together a number of services that had previously been located within Bray Civic Centre. 

The initial plan for the development was to house a Primary Health Care Centre, as well as private practitioners, such as GPs, dentists and physiotherapists, a pharmacy, a café, meals-on-wheels and an old-folks meeting place.

The 5,000+ sqm facility is one of the biggest PCC built in recent years. The team was aiming for an A2 BER by maximising natural ventilation and using renewable technologies, such as air-source heat pumps, heat recovery and rainwater harvesting. In order to provide power to the various occupants, an on-site electrical substation was required.

In addition to the renewables, our mechanical installation consisted of  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), LPHW systems, BMS, Natural Gas and dental chair mechanical services.

Expert help

Collen Construction turned to us for our experience in cutting-edge mechanical and electrical technologies, our proven ability to work effectively in difficult-to-access sites and our track record in meeting important deadlines. This was tested like never before when the project had to be fast-tracked in order to respond to the new demands on the HSE from Covid-19.

Team work

Team work and collaboration were absolutely vital on this project and our thanks to all our partners involved including Callaghan Engineering, ORHTHenry J. Lyons , Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates, and Hickey Electrical. A special mention also to all our trusted sub-contractors including McCool’s, Kirwan Air, CMS, Boyne Ventilation, Daikin, Mark Eire, EICL and Medimec.

McKeon Bros have worked on many projects in the past that had a really positive impact on their communities and we are very proud to have stepped up again and played a major role in getting the Steeples Primary Care Centre in Clondalkin to where it is today.

The facility will be vital to the area in order to support the HSE and the community at this time. It was an incredible team effort with our partners UHPC, Portal Architects, Contrail Fitout, Hickey Electrical Services and JV Tierney & Co. Consulting Engineers

A huge thanks to our own team led by Pat Lawless who pulled out all the stops in order to reach the very tight deadline whilst maintaining the highest standards.

Steeples PHCC is just one of a number of Primary Health Care Centres that have been fast tracked to support the HSE in their fight against Covid-19.

Working with Structuretone and Homan O’Brien on the fit-out of its Belfield project presented us with an opportunity to create a first in Ireland, and to showcase the full extent of the mechanical and technical expertise within the project teams.

Having limited space to work in and high expectations to meet, we agreed with Structuretone & Homan O’Brien to source and install an AHU with a dehumidification feature built into the supply air path. Nobody in this country had fitted this particular unit before.

The Hybrid AHU fit perfectly
The Hybrid AHU is a complete-package hybrid solution for the treatment of fresh air, using both an active and a passive form of heat recovery in one single unit.

The passive heat recovery element is the thermal wheel, while the active heat recovery element is the integrated heat pump with the condenser in the unit’s return air path. This means that the condenser is extracting heat from much warmer air, compared to its traditional positioning outside, where it is extracting heat from the much colder ambient air.

And since the total cooling load on the FCUs is equal to the sensible load, smaller internal units can be used throughout a building.

Cool savings
With up to 100% recovery of heating/cooling/dehumidification energy, running costs are lower than traditional AHUs. Installation costs are also lower. And since filters are the only components that needs to be checked, maintenance is minimal.

Warmly welcomed
The success of our Hybrid installation has been widely acclaimed across the industry and shows what’s possible when you look beyond the obvious solution.

Perfect harmony required

Close to the city centre, just to the south of St Stephen’s Green, Dublin’s Earlsfort Terrace is best known for the National Concert Hall. Thanks to its location and its prestigious address, it has long been a popular business district. However, recent years have brought a massive increase in demand for quality office space, and as a result, there has been considerable development and redevelopment activity in the area.  While Earlsfort Terrace is an ideal location for a high-profile financial company, it presented considerable challenges to those involved in this construction and fit-out project – particularly as the site was in a tight space on a street with high-traffic and footfall. For instance, access was limited during certain hours and noise controls were in place.


Planning and co-ordination strike the right note  

As the mechanical and electrical contractors on this CAT B fit-out project, McKeon Bros was tasked with providing and fitting all the electrical, data, air-con and ventilation infrastructure. Turnaround time was just six weeks.  Knowing that meticulous planning and careful co-ordination are key to the successful delivery of all fit-outs, upon appointment we immediately established contact and clear lines of communication  with the other contractors on the site, Connect Construct and SLMD.


Perfect timing

We successfully wrapped up the project on the agreed date, which happened to be a Friday. That same weekend the client moved in, making the space fully operational the very next week.

Bringing high-spec plans to life.

The new headquarters of Life Scientific, a growing Dublin-based technical and development facility, comprised three floors of custom-designed laboratory and office space. McKeon Bros was appointed to handle the electrical and mechanical work, which involved highly demanding installations with critical commissioning procedures.

The appliance of co-ordination science

As we were the both the mechanical and the electrical contractor on the project, we needed to have a comprehensive list of specialists in place. Plus, there was an added complexity – each specialised task had to be completed in a very specific order. Co-ordination was key to meeting the deadline. Our experience in co-ordinating similar projects gave us an advantage. For the main contractor, it meant we could hit the ground running.

The facts of Life

Over and above the most rigorous of industry specifications, Life Scientific expected the work to meet its own exacting standards. With this project, there was no room for anything but the very best. Given that high-spec is where we excel, we were the perfect choice.

An amazing reaction

Despite the many potential pitfalls, everything went smoothly. The plan worked out perfectly – and on-time – thanks largely to the effort we put into scheduling and co-ordinating the movements of the various teams and specialists. Our client was more than satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, and their client was delighted that the deadline was met.

The recent appointment of McKeon Bros to take charge of the large scale, mechanical services retrofit project at Belfield Blocks 7 & 8 reflects the confidence that main contractors and design teams have in our ability to deliver work of the highest standard; work that delivers their promises.

However, we believe our experience at two similar office blocks at the Belfield campus was another significant factor in McKeon Bros being selected for this high-profile project.

Challenging on so many levels

McKeon’s were awarded the contract for the fast-track retrofit of Belfield Blocks 7 & 8, to make them suitable as a corporate HQ for a prestigious client. This work involved decommissioning and stripping out the existing services across 6,000 square metres of office space on eight floors and upgrading them to a high spec CAT B standard… and all within 16 weeks.

Planned to succeed

Success in any project requires meticulous planning, experienced and focused management, high levels of teamwork and full co-operation between all parties. Put a very tight deadline into the mix, and lines of communication become vital. With a multidisciplinary workforce onsite, everyone needed to know exactly what was required of them – and when.

The seemingly impossible, made possible

What our client needs, our client always gets. Over the decades, we’ve earned a reputation for our ‘can-do’ approach; meeting critical deadlines, delivering as required by clients, and as promised by McKeon Bros.  We’re pleased to report, that in true McKeon Bros tradition, the project was completed within the timeframe and handed over to our client.


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In partnership with Flynn Management Contractors Ltd., Axis Engineering, Henry J. Lyons Architects and Linesight QS, McKeon Brothers Ltd. recently completed the refurbishment and fit out of the basement of 123 St. Stephen’s Green, which forms part of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s (RCSI) campus.

The scope of the project was to supply, install, set to work, test and commission all mechanical systems throughout all areas.

The works comprised of:

  • Strip out of the basement area of 123 St. Stephens Green back to ‘grey box’ condition
  • Fit out of the basement area to accommodate a new commercial kitchen and server, canteen and associated break-out areas
  • Ancillary works and associated mechanical and electrical and building fabric upgrades

Conducted over the course of five months, the mechanical services included in the works were:

  • VRF System
  • Ventilation supply and extract systems
  • Air handling units
  • Toilet extract ventilation systems
  • Café extract ventilation systems
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Compensated radiant heating in the WC
  • Low temperature hot water pipework distribution
  • Acoustic and vibration control
  • Mechanical Control Centres, Controls, BMS outstations field devices and interface with packaged plant
  • General Metalwork
  • Internal gas distribution from the Boiler Room to the kitchen
  • Gas detection in Kitchen
  • Water services
  • Drainage
  • Hand-held firefighting installation
  • Commissioning, balancing, treatment and sterilisation of the mechanical services systems

The project was successfully completed in January 2018.