Working with Structuretone and Homan O’Brien on the fit-out of its Belfield project presented us with an opportunity to create a first in Ireland, and to showcase the full extent of the mechanical and technical expertise within the project teams.

Having limited space to work in and high expectations to meet, we agreed with Structuretone & Homan O’Brien to source and install an AHU with a dehumidification feature built into the supply air path. Nobody in this country had fitted this particular unit before.

The Hybrid AHU fit perfectly
The Hybrid AHU is a complete-package hybrid solution for the treatment of fresh air, using both an active and a passive form of heat recovery in one single unit.

The passive heat recovery element is the thermal wheel, while the active heat recovery element is the integrated heat pump with the condenser in the unit’s return air path. This means that the condenser is extracting heat from much warmer air, compared to its traditional positioning outside, where it is extracting heat from the much colder ambient air.

And since the total cooling load on the FCUs is equal to the sensible load, smaller internal units can be used throughout a building.

Cool savings
With up to 100% recovery of heating/cooling/dehumidification energy, running costs are lower than traditional AHUs. Installation costs are also lower. And since filters are the only components that needs to be checked, maintenance is minimal.

Warmly welcomed
The success of our Hybrid installation has been widely acclaimed across the industry and shows what’s possible when you look beyond the obvious solution.