Bringing high-spec plans to life.

The new headquarters of Life Scientific, a growing Dublin-based technical and development facility, comprised three floors of custom-designed laboratory and office space. McKeon Bros was appointed to handle the electrical and mechanical work, which involved highly demanding installations with critical commissioning procedures.

The appliance of co-ordination science

As we were the both the mechanical and the electrical contractor on the project, we needed to have a comprehensive list of specialists in place. Plus, there was an added complexity – each specialised task had to be completed in a very specific order. Co-ordination was key to meeting the deadline. Our experience in co-ordinating similar projects gave us an advantage. For the main contractor, it meant we could hit the ground running.

The facts of Life

Over and above the most rigorous of industry specifications, Life Scientific expected the work to meet its own exacting standards. With this project, there was no room for anything but the very best. Given that high-spec is where we excel, we were the perfect choice.

An amazing reaction

Despite the many potential pitfalls, everything went smoothly. The plan worked out perfectly – and on-time – thanks largely to the effort we put into scheduling and co-ordinating the movements of the various teams and specialists. Our client was more than satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, and their client was delighted that the deadline was met.