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ESB Head Office

One, Two & Three Gateway, East Wall Road, Dublin 3

  • Collen Construction
  • Ethos Engineering
  • Lafferty Architects
  • Linesight QS
  • Building information modeling BIM
  • Fan coil units
  • Ventilation supply and extract systems
  • Air handling units and chiller units
  • Toilet extract ventilation systems
  • CafĂ© extract ventilation systems
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Compensated radiant heating in the WC
  • Low-temperature hot water pipework distribution
  • Mechanical Control Centres, Controls, BMS outstations field devices and interface with packaged plant
  • General Metalwork
  • Internal gas distribution from the Boiler Room to the kitchen
  • Gas detection in Kitchen
  • Water services
  • Drainage
  • Handheld firefighting installation
  • Commissioning, balancing, treatment and sterilisation of the mechanical services systems